Custom Engineering options are avalible, however, KTN only takes on custom work for established companies. 

How it works: 
  Contact our Engineers by phone or email to set up a call (

  Discuss with our Engineers the scope of your project

  If KTN is a good fit and your project fits with us then we sign NDA's to keep things confidential
  Send us your files or parts that need engineering to work with Kiylex
    **Disclaimer** Not all drawn parts will work for Kiylex, in order to keep the integrity of Kiylex we need access to your files 
         so we can make sure the integrity of the design will work properly. As always, we use encrypted servers and safeguard            your files with 22 digit passwords. Only authorized personell of KTN Thermo Dynamics have access to these files.

  Minimum Quantities

  For Custom Work or Private Label Manufacturing we do require Minimum Quantity orders due to NRE costs. (NRE = Non       Refundable Engineering Charge) Tooling for CNC work can be a rather expensive process depending on the work involved. 
  KTN will return the NRE charge toward a purchase of 250 or more units to give you a further discount over the course of 1     year (12 months)

  Private Label Manufacturing- 
  For a PLM contract to take place a minimum purchase order of 2000 units is required. You get your company logo on our       Polymer and / or packaging we have to ensure a serious level of commitment from you.  

  Since we manufacture our own products we reserve the right to put MSRP on custom manufactured goods, for PLM we will   advise you on what we think the sale price should be you reserve the right to charge whatever you want. 

  As an Engineering Company at heart, we have over 637+ parts drawn already, launching products takes