To Start....
Tools Needed:

      (You may not need every single tool listed below.  This is for         reference as a basic installation guide)

You may use either 1/4", or 3/8" tools - 1/2" drive is over kill

8mm socket
10mm socket
12mm socket
extensions you may need

6mm Allen wrench or socket

#2 Phillips scew driver

Flat head screw driver


Razor blade or gasket scraper

Vice Grips

Step 1

Locate your throttle body. The throttle body is connected to your intake manifold. (See picture below) 

HINT:  Take pictures before you disassemble anything.

You will need to remove the upper portion of your air box and the air filter, then you will remove the air pipe or cold air intake if you have one.

Step 2

Once the air tube and upper air box is removed make sure the supplied bolts are 1/2" longer than the ones you removed. If  the supplied bolts are not 1/4" - 1/2" longer send us an email and we will take care of you. 

Remove the bolts on the throttle body using your tools.  Unplug the sensors directly connected to your throttle body and set them aside. Remove the throttle cable (See image below) Remove the throttle body. Now use your razor blade and remove the factory paper gasket (if your car is not equipped with a paper gasket move on to step #3)

Step 3

Now that the throttle body is removed, put it to the side. Using pliers or recommended vice grips, remove the remaining 2 studs (if your car is not equipped with studs you can skip this)

Once the studs are fully removed take your KTN Thermo Spacer from the packaging.  Make sure you remove the glue dots that hold the spacer in place. (Our spacers do not need gaskets or silicone)

Take the 2 bolts that came with your sapcer that are 1/2" - 1/4" in length, put them through the throttle body and the spacer, 1 top left and the other bolt bottom right. Begin to thread the bolts into the intake manifold. See picture below. 


Your throttle cable will need to be adjusted slightly.  Loosen the 2 bolts securing the cable in place and adjust it until your car idles normally. Between 800 - 950 rpm (see your car manual for correct idle information)

Install the remaining bolts and begin tightening in a rotation from, top left, bottom right, top right, bottom left until it is snug. Then tighten the bolts up, (torque the bolts to 15ft lbs / 180in lbs)

Always use extreme caution as your manifold is not covered under any warranty by KTN.  

Final Step

Once the throttle body and KTN Throttle Body Spacer are installed properly re-install the throttle cable and sensor plugs, reinstall your intake piping and air box. 

Start your engine, warm it up for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Should your vehicle not idle properly after installation, providing your vehicle was in good working condition before installation, feel free to call us during normal operating hours or email us at

Thank you for purchasing a KTN Thermo Dynamics Product!