1. Cylinder Heads - My experience and opinions
    24 Jun, 2016
    Cylinder Heads - My experience and opinions
    I have years and years of experience building high performance engines and rebuilding them for everyday use as well. This article will explain more about high performance cylinder heads.  We will dive into the world of aftermarket cylinder head parts and what is perfect for you depending on your build.   Above is a picture I took of a Honda k20a cylinder head without the valve cover.  The reason I chose to use Honda for these guides is the simple NON-ARGUABLE fact that Honda has some of the
  2. Why is heat bad?
    10 Jun, 2016
    Why is heat bad?
    So, let me ask you a question? Why is heat a bad thing for performance? In the winter we want our car hot so it keeps us warm.  We start it early in the morning with the defroster on, clearing the ice off our windshield and rear window. That same heat, generated by the engine’s combustion cycle is also harmful to your engine. Now I know what you’re probably assuming and you’re wrong:  “The engine heat that is keeping me warm is a completely separate system compared to what you’re talking about,
  3. The Beginning of Kiylex®
    27 May, 2016
    The Beginning of Kiylex®
    My name is Kyle Nyberg (aka Kyle Dynamics) CEO and Lead Engineer at KTN Thermo Dynamics LLC.  My interest in import performance began when I was 16 years old.   I was given a 91 Dodge Dakota from a family friend so I could get back and forth to school.  I remember getting on the freeway and racing a guy in a bone stock 99 Civic Si. The Civic beat my American v8 with ease, its little 1.6L dual cam Vtec engine screaming down the freeway.  Hearing that Vtec engage had me high on Honda.  During my